Learn About Exciting New BJJ Software – Smoothcomp

Learn About Exciting New BJJ Software – Smoothcomp

Smoothcomp is a platform for combat sports. Years of experience have helped shape this software into a must have for a martial arts competition. Extensive organizational skills of the team have helped shape the platform in order to provide an efficient, time saving solution for organizers, coaches and athletes.

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Organizers can sort out online payments, generating brackets, scheduling, weigh-in and the scoreboard. Coaches can do bulk registrations, payments and search for all their fighters. Fighters can have an unique experience of seeing upcoming fights with a dynamic starting time.

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Smoothcomp is dedicated to providing the smoothest way to participate, organize and follow competitions regardless of your role.  The platform has the ability to manage entries, refunds, coupons and late fees. In addition to this it can also provide you with automatic seeding for brackets (with optimal club separation). If automatic seeding is impractical for your needs there’s also an option for manual seeding.

In addition to all of this information, Smoothcomp also provides everyone with a live updated view of  the best team, club, junior and adult results.

Smoothcomp charges via credit. Credit is a unit charged for 1 participant per event. Refill is available whenever you want (and there’s also an option of auto-recharging on your account). A single credit costs between 0.50 euros and 1 euro depending on how many credits you purchase at once.

Smooth Comp was designed by bjj black belt Martin Janson. Here’s what Martin had to say about himself and his bjj background:

I am a black belt since 2009, i have been an active competitor between 2003 and 2012, today i train and compete for exercise. I run my own academy in Stenungsund and every year we organize Swedish Open BJJ (850 fighters in 2014)

We asked him to introduce his new state of the art competition software smoothcomp.com

We at Smoothcomp, Ricard Carneborn, Martin Varghult, myself and our team of developers and designers have built a system based upon our experiences from competitions in bjj, grappling, jujutsu etc. Smoothcomp minimizes the workload of the organizer and gives fighters/coaches/spectators a positive experience by distributing information in a smart way.

What differentiates SmoothComp from similar products on the market?

That the system is built on a lean organizational idea. We really work hard to make the system logic, intuitive and we have taken away all unnecessary steps in the whole process of organizing and using the system. The platform is beautiful to watch and easy to use and we have invested in rock solid servers to provide a reliable and fast experience.

Which competitions have already used it?

We have a long list of users already, In Sweden the Swedish BJJ Federation uses us for all their sanctioned competitions from now on. We also work with the Swedish Submission wrestling federation. ADCC is working with us. We have events in Russia, USA and the UK to name a few. Several large federations from different sports have shown interest in our federation platform.

How can one go about purchasing it?

Just contact us through our site and we will set up an account, the pricing is all there, you only pay for what you use, no yearly fees or contracts needed unless you plan to set up a federation solution.

 Any last words?

Be sure to check out our webinar on Tuesday. Thanks for the opportunity and good luck with the site!