Leandro Lo Conquers Copa Podio Heavyweights

Leandro Lo Conquers Copa Podio Heavyweights



Copa Podio 2016 Heavyweight Grand Prix just concluded having crowned Leandro Lo as champion once again. In the opening round Lo defeated Isaque Bahience.

Erberth Santos was greeted with a booing crowd from the very begining and largely stalled out through out his first match. He ended up winning against Cassio Francis by advantages.

Alexander Trans was another force to be reckoned with having dominated in round Nelson Pontes in round two. In the same round Lo defeated Cassio Francis with a very uncharacteristic sub – a toehold! In the same round one of the most interesting matches was between Felipe Trovo and Isaque Bahiense. Trovo ended up winning with a brilliant triangle setup.

In the forth round Leandro Lo vs Fellipe Trovo was the match to watch. Trovo was losing the entire time of the match but his performance was still very impressive.


There was a spectacular side control escape and a well rounded game that showed just how great Trovo is. The side control escape was against Santos.


Besides that Santos once again won on advantages and Trans trampled Gabriel Fedor 9-0.

5th round had Alexander Trans man handle Diego Borges into 6-0. Borges fought vehemently but the size difference was apparent and the first points to be scored by Trans were a suplex slam to the mat after which he fought and in the end got the back.

The match everyone was waiting for ended up not taking place after all because Erberth Santos tried to game the system. Santos forfeited the matach against Leandro Lo believing he would still get to the semifinals having finished 2nd in his group and the injury on his knee making him try this maneuver. Erberth found barely minutes later that forfeiting had cost him his place in the semifinals. Santos was pretty crushed but the decision announced was already final.

In the Semi finals Trans won by points against Trovo while Lo won on advantages against Nelton Pontes. And in the much anticipated finale Lo won 2-0 against Trans. Elsewhere for 3rd place Pontes won via golden score in overtime.


see complete list of results below:

GP Opening Round
Diego Borges vs Rodrigo Cavaca: Draw 1-1 adv
Nelton Pontes def Gabriel Fedor: 4-2
Leandro Lo def Isaque Bahiense: 2-0
Erberth Santos def Cassio Francis: 0-0, 3-0 adv

GP Second Round
Diego Borges def Gabriel Fedor: 4-0
Alexander Trans vs Nelton Pontes: 6-0
Leandro Lo def Cassio Francis via toehold
Fellipe Trovo def Isaque Bahiense via triangle

GP Third Round
Nelton Pontes def Diego Borges: 2-0
Alexander Trans def Rodrigo Cavaca: 2-0
Isaque Bahiense def Cassio Francis: 5-2
Erberth Santos def Fellipe Trovo via toehold

GP Fourth Round
Rodrigo Cavaca def Nelton Pontes: 0-0, 1-0 adv
Alexander Trans def Gabriel Fedor: 9-0
Erberth Santos def Isaque Bahiense: 0-0, 2-0 adv
Leandro Lo def Fellipe Trovo: 8-0

GP – Fifth Round
Alexander Trans def Diego Borges: 6-0
Gabriel Fedor def Rodrigo Cavaca: 3-2
Fellipe Trovo def Cassio Francis: Francis unable to compete due to injury
Leandro Lo def Erberth Santos: Santos unable to compete due to injury

No-Gi Superfight
Max Montanha def Joaquim Mamute: 0-0, 2-1 adv

Alexander Trans def Fellipe Trovo: 2-0
Leandro Lo vs Nelton Pontes: 0-0, 2-1 adv

Vikings vs The Kangaroos
Espen Mathiesen def Ben Hodgkinson: 2-0
Tommy Langaker def Vicente Cavalcanti via collar choke from the back
Emilia Tuukkanen vs Livia Gluchowska: 2-0

Third Place
Nelton Pontes def Felipe Trovo via golden score in overtime

Leandro Lo def Alexander Trans: 2-0