Large Man Blown Away by Smaller Female BJJ Black Belt’s Skills

Large Man Blown Away by Smaller Female BJJ Black Belt’s Skills

The first time you try Jiu-Jitsu is always a very humbling experience. You get manhandled by usually much smaller training partners and you either want to quit or you are blown away and have a moment of truth and want more…

Jack Decyk is 6’1 & 257lbs. He recently trained with BJJ black belt Monica Brogan who is just 5,5 & 120lbs… guess who wins?

Decyk who doesn’t seem to have any grappling background was submitted 3 times by the skillful and much smaller black belt. He was truly impressed and had to film it.

Decyk stated:

I took this video to show everybody what the actual purpose would be behind the dangerous damsels program

After he was submitted, he looked at the camera and said:

There you have it. There’s nothing I could do to stop it.

Check it out:

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