Lachlan & Livia Giles: How to Stretch at Home to Improve Your BJJ

Lachlan & Livia Giles: How to Stretch at Home to Improve Your BJJ

If you are like, you don’t stretch enough.  There are so many benefits to stretching for grapplers and yep, you guessed it, very few people do this as well.

Improved flexibility for grapplers

The main benifit is the fact that it has been proven on multiple occasions to improve your flexibility.

Stretching regularly has been proven to extend muscle tissues and fibres, improve their elasticity and improve your flexibility as a result.

Reduced risk of injury

Stretching is an effective way to reduce the risk of injury during, or after, you exercise.

Is it believed that warming up the muscle fibres, improves their elasticity, making them longer and more flexible.

It’s like taking a piece of string that is being pulled tight, it is much easier to snap than a piece of string that is loose and flexible, and the same goes for your muscles.

Top BJJ players, as well as married couple, Livia and Lachlan Giles are curently like all of us in quarantine and made a great video showing which stretching exercises are important to develop your jiu-jitsu without leaving home. This video is extremely valuable not only because it comes from the hands of ADCC medalists, but also because it comes from the hands of physiotherapists.

Check out this almost 40-minute video that you can use from your home:

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