Lachlan Giles Has an Effective Way Of Setting The Seated Guard Double Leg

Lachlan Giles Has an Effective Way Of Setting The Seated Guard Double Leg

What do you do when you have an opponent that is playing a very cautious game and is refusing to engage?

2019 ADCC bronze medalist Lachlan Giles likes to use a highly effective sweep that he calls seated guard double leg (AKA the butt double) whenever this situation presents itself.

He uses the butterfly guard to set it up. As the opponent postures, Lachlan switches his base and attacks a deep blast double for an easy 2 points and even pick up an extra if he adds a guard pass.

The reason why this sweep works so well is because the opponent does not expect to be swept directly in front. They usually expect to swept to the sides.

The butterfly guard and the sweeps derived from this guard can be some of the easiest techniques to begin mastering early on in our jiu jitsu career. Butterfly guard can be one of the first styles of dynamic open guard that one gets exposed to.

Butterfly guard is also a great guard to play against a much heavier opponent as you are not allowing your opponent to smash you.

Fighting from the bottom is perhaps one of the most fascinating aspects of BJJ as an art. The ability to turn a fight around from your back seems to contradict everything we know about Wrestling and fighting in general.

Lachlan Giles and Ariel Tabak show you a total technical gameplan for keeping your guard against any over or around-style of pass.

  • Defend torreandos, stack passes, leg drags, and more with tips on how to keep the guard, improve position, and get back on attack.
  • ADCC Absolute medalist Lachlan Giles teams up with his guard retention specialist and black belt Ariel Tabak for this 8-part instructional release.