Lachlan Giles & Craig Jones: “Kit Dale Used To Beat The Sh*t Out Of Us”

Lachlan Giles & Craig Jones: “Kit Dale Used To Beat The Sh*t Out Of Us”

Kit Dale is known, among other things, for his “concepts over technique” Jiu-Jitsu philosophy and his fantastic sense of humor.
But what a lot of up-and-coming BJJ practitioners don’t know is that Dale is also one of the most cerebral BJJ athletes in the world.

Lachlan Giles reminded people of this in a recent conversation with Craig Jones:

Kit Dale… A lot of people, I think, that don’t know him – they think that he’s not good. And he’s actually really good.

Craig Jones agreed:

He used to beat the sh*t out of us. (Laughs)

And indeed, Lachlan reminisced his training days with Kit… And how much they’ve been beneficial for his career:

Yeah, he’s really good. He just never really, like, I just don’t think he really wanted it [to become successful in BJJ].
I mean, he trained, but he was never soulful on it.

Kit was so good, like… You’d bring something new [a new technique/move/detail] and then, the next day, he’d kind of figure out what’s going on and he’d have a solution [to it].

Kit Dale helped out Lachlan Giles a lot:

He helped me out so much. I started training with him as a brown belt and he was a purple belt.

I was trying to learn the Berimbolos, studying the Mendez brothers, so every day I’d try to get him.
And maybe one day I’d start getting a bit of an angle – and then, the next day, he’d shut it down. And then I’d maybe go and watch more footage of the Mendez brothers and see how they deal with that reaction.

I felt like he was always ahead of me and I was, like, [catching up with him]. So it brought my level up a lot.

Craig pointed out the fact that Kit has been able to improve much faster than others:

I felt it would be frustrating, because he’d improve – but not put in the same amount of effort [into training].

Lachlan agreed, with a small caveat:

Yeah… People’s ability to learn isn’t uniform. Not everyone in the room is going to learn at the same rate.

And I think for Kit, the rate of learning for him is so high.


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