Kristen Stewart And Girlfriend Do BJJ To Stay in Shape

Kristen Stewart And Girlfriend Do BJJ To Stay in Shape

Just yesterday Jonah HIll came out publicly as a convert to jiu jitsu. The hollywood actor had been reportedly practicing for 2 months and is really loving the vibe.
At the same time it came out that Twilight star and one of the rare superstars of the newer generation Kristen Stewart is also doing bjj:

Just last week, Stewart and Dinkin were spotted sharing a kiss before the pair reportedly headed to a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class in Hollywood – how A-list.

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THe twilight star has no social media so it’s unclear what stage she’s currently at however she’s likely working out alongside many other Hollywood A listers practicing over at Rigan Machado’s

Machado is credited with a modality of bjj allowing for less chance to injury:

Coral belt and BJJ legend Rigan Machado talks about the special program that he has designed by his celebrity students:

“I created a new jiu jitsu system for people who can’t get hurt. It’s technical training. They learn jiu-jitsu and technically train, but it’s all safe. I created a type of jiu-jitsu for the Beverly Hills clientele. Competition, sparring… these guys can’t do that. I can’t even take a 1% chance of them getting hurt. I have 18 celebrities doing this program. Some guys have to sign disclosure agreements; others like Ashton Kutcher and Mickey Rourke come in regularly, while Usher comes in once and a while and Vin Diesel when he’s in town.”

(Read entire interview of Rigan Machado with Jiu-Jitsu magazine HERE)


Rigan Machado Reveals Twilight Hunk Robert Pattinson is Doing Jiu Jitsu

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