Kimura Trap, Most Powerful Counter to the Single Leg Takedown

Kimura Trap, Most Powerful Counter to the Single Leg Takedown


Kimura trap system is widely credited to David Avellan, ADCC bronze medalist and a man of many other accomplishments!

The kimura trap system is designed as a powerful submission system that counters a number of common guard situations quite effectively. Among them single leg takedown, half guard, turtle guard and others.

Before you, you have the technique that started it all –  the deadly single leg counter Kimura trap.

Here’s the basic sequence in full speed:

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First step to this basic setup is stuffing the head down. This goes for both standing opponent and the one on the knee.

You put your chest over his back.


The hand that’s over reaches under the opponents arm and secures the basic grip necessary for a kimura.


You want to have the opponents arm as bent in as possible.


And of course you get your chest as tight to his arm as possible.

Now of course you kick back with the leg that’s hooking and catapult the opponent backwards.

From there you’re ready to go into a finish. You can watch the entire clip below!



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