Khabib On Raising His Kids: “Their Father Is Rich, But My Father Was Very Poor”

Khabib On Raising His Kids: “Their Father Is Rich, But My Father Was Very Poor”

It’s tough to raise kids – even for those who are extremely successful in other areas of their lives. Even for someone like Khabib Nurmagomedov.

In an interview for the Wahed Podcast, he explained that there’s a danger to raising your kids in a way that’s too sheltered:

Sometimes, love can kill people. Sometimes. Not all the time, you know?
Sometimes you love your kid [and so] you give him everything… And he grow up, like, I don’t know – like a vegetable. You have to teach him how to live, you know?

He has the same problem with his kids. Khabib can give them anything and it’s a problem:

I have the same problem. My father – you [i.e. Khabib] didn’t have nothing. My kids – they have everything. Their father is rich, but my father was, like, very poor.

For me, to get money, I don’t know from where [I’d be able to get it from]. My father would come to me: “You want money? Okay, deserve [it], do something.” My kids, they can ask me for money and [it is like] – okay.

I try to, like, balance this kind of situation too but it’s very hard. Like, at the same time you love them and you can give them [whatever they want]…

However, “The Eagle” manages to say “no” for their own sake:

But when my kids ask me something, I all the time say: “Not everything like you want.” But they don’t understand. They think, like: “You can give us.”

It’s like you have to put this on their brain. Not to punish them, but to teach them.