Keep Getting Better in BJJ – By Limiting Your Choices & Building Habits

Keep Getting Better in BJJ – By Limiting Your Choices & Building Habits

There’s no “one best way” to improve in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu… And there are no sure-fire ways to blast through plateaus as they pop up. However, there are efficient things that you can do, that will enable you to keep improving as much and to experience as little plateaus as possible.
One of the best things to do in this direction is to build productive habits. Brian Glick, BJJ black belt and one of John Danaher’s long-time students (he’s been training under him for over 20 years), shares why:

If we’re unable to change our habits, we’ll be stuck in our current way of doing things, which might not be so helpful.

Changing habits is hard, so the first thing to keep in mind is to choose just ONE habit for now that you want to adjust. Later you can fix more, but for now begin with just one.
This prescription seems simple enough, but even once you decide to stick with a plan, disruptions and distractions can make a simple process into a struggle.

To make this process easier, you’ll also need to limit your choices in training:

Something I learned from my teacher is that the work becomes easier when you REMOVE CHOICE from the equation.

The idea is not that you’re depriving yourself – it’s that you trade what you want IN THAT MOMENT for what you want to have LATER ON.
When you make a decision ahead of time to do something every day, then it stops being a decision you have to make every day. You just have to do it.


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