Keenan Cornelius Taught Mario Lopez The Wormguard

Keenan Cornelius Taught Mario Lopez The Wormguard


Keenan Cornelius has been hard at work spreading the lapel gospel. The worm king has been prepping for ADCC and lifting regularly while on the side converting jiu jiteiros to regular lapel users.


Saved by the worm. I had to help out my boys guard. @mariolopez has some dope wrestling and guard passing already (he smushed sunshine with the most brutal face crank I’ve ever seen) and now he’s got the worm system for his guard game. I feel bad for whoever he faces in the next celebrity death match. (Anybody remember that show) anyways part 1 of this lesson is on the site


30 yrs Later ‘Saved By The Bell’ TV Stars Are Training Jiu-Jitsu Together

Of course the commenters have taken his lessons in stride even giving some constructive suggestions:

The next I hope you give private lessons to Keanu Reeves. I would love to see John Wick using the worm guard against Russian mobsters.
 There’s of course one more bit that’s interesting to consider :
Keenan going in GB without having to use one of their goofy gis

Jiu Jitsu is forever evolving and will continue to evolve. The only way you can stay ahead of your opponents is by sharpening your current skills/knowledge AND learning new techniques. This is why Keenan created The Lapel Encyclopedia. To help sharpen your current skills while also providing you with new techniques that will allow you to sweep or submit anyone.

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