Keenan Cornelius: “If You Train BJJ, It’s Important You Study War”

Keenan Cornelius: “If You Train BJJ, It’s Important You Study War”

Keenan Cornelius believes that, if you train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, you should be investing at least the same amounts of effort into studying war.

That is, war strategies that could be of use on the mats:

If you study Jiu-Jitsu, it’s actually more important to study war – even above your Jiu-Jitsu techniques.
The application of strategy in the realm of combat is universal in all circumstances or engagement.

For instance, something as simple as a feint, is a concept from war and at a more micro level, sword play. It’s one of the most powerful strategies you can directly implement into every position in grappling.

Cornelius shared more useful war strategies, such as the following two:

Another simple example would be dividing an opponent’s strength.
Divide and conquer; if you can separate the opponent’s weapons, defenses, arms, and then attack the smaller and weaker part with a focused attack, you can destroy them.

One of my favorites and also a simple and almost invisible strategy of war, is to appear weak when you are strong.
By ACTING tired and slow, but in a position that you know you can control.

But what’s the most successful strategy? Here’s what Keenan says:

The highest return on a strategy that I have found is to dictate the area that combat takes place.

If opponent has great passing, under no circumstances should you concede bottom position.
If they are excellent in a specific area, do not challenge them in their preferred realm.


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