Keenan Cornelius: “Do Something – Doing More Wins More In BJJ”

Keenan Cornelius: “Do Something – Doing More Wins More In BJJ”

How many times in BJJ have you found yourself doing… Nothing? As in – you’re just sitting/laying/standing there, without doing anything and without a plan to do something.

Here’s the thing: if you’re prone to doing this often, then you’re also doing an enormous disservice to your Jiu-Jitsu. For, as Keenan Cornelius explains, those who do more win more:

If you and you opponent have roughly equivalent skill levels, meaning both of you are successful in about 10% of your attempted movements (an off balance, a grip break, and arm drag, a pass attempt)… If the match is 10 minutes long how many seconds of these actions actually occurring?

From what I see maybe 1-3 minutes is filled with actual attacks that move your opponents body against their will.

What this means is that you should start attacking more! For, it will improve your chances of winning the match:

So what happens if you just focus on filling the empty space with more attacks? Well if you can do twice the amount of attacks as your opponent does, you have double the chance of having a successful action; resulting in score or an advantageous position.

So, whenever you catch yourself doing nothing, go for something. Action is infinitely better than inaction:

OBSERVE when you are NOT doing anything. Why are you not doing anything?
DO SOMETHING! fill that space and time with action. And watch how much more success you have.

Disclaimer: this will challenge your cardio as well as your opponents.