Kade & Tye Ruotolo Demonstrate The Buggy Choke Setup That Doesn’t Require Flexibility

Kade & Tye Ruotolo Demonstrate The Buggy Choke Setup That Doesn’t Require Flexibility

The Buggy Choke has gained some notoriety in 2021, as it’s been applied across many Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and grappling tournaments and competitions. And perhaps nobody got as “famous” for doing it as the Ruotolo brothers did, namely Kade.
In the video below, Kade and Tye Ruotolo demonstrate and explain the “classic” way to set up a Buggy Choke; the very first one they were taught.



The Buggy Choke is such a powerful submission, among other things, because you set it up from an inferior position. Not a lot of opponents will expect you to try and hit a submission on them while you’re trying to escape Side Control… Which is another reason why this choke is so great; even if you don’t manage to make your opponents tap out, you will most likely create the necessary space for an escape due to their reaction to the attack (pushing away from you).

To start with the setup, you should be pressing against the opponent’s near-side ear with your arm. (As you retrieve it from a position that almost gives the opponent a Head And Arm Choke). From there, you’ll turn into your opponent.
What most of your opponents will do from here is that they’ll squeeze and push into you, trying to get you back onto your back. This is exactly what you want happened; as it’ll provide an opportunity to throw your leg over and go for the choke.

Check out this Buggy Choke setup below:

Learn Grappling’s Craziest New Submission With The Ruotolo Brothers Teaching The Secrets Behind Their Signature Buggy Choke – No Crazy Flexibility Needed!

  • The buggy choke has been shown effective, even against elite competition, and now you can see what makes this innovative attack so powerful.
  • The Ruotolo brothers, Tye and Kade, have become known for this submission hold, pulling it off against high level grapplers – now you can learn directly from them.