Kade Rutolo: “If ADCC Did PED Testing, 98% of Athletes Would Drop Out”

Kade Rutolo: “If ADCC Did PED Testing, 98% of Athletes Would Drop Out”

Kade Ruotolo, reigning ADCC champion, recently shared his candid views on the use of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) in the sport and his journey from jiu-jitsu to mixed martial arts. His perspectives offer a unique glimpse into the challenges and opportunities within competitive martial arts today.

Jiu-Jitsu Career and the Impact of PEDs

Ruotolo’s experience in jiu-jitsu has been marked by significant success, but it’s his outspoken views on PEDs that have stirred discussion.

“If there was drug testing in ADCC, there wouldn’t be an ADCC,” Ruotolo stated, highlighting a pervasive issue in the sport.

“I think 98% of athletes would drop out if they put drug testing in ADCC.”

He believes that the extensive use of PEDs in jiu-jitsu is problematic, arguing that if stringent drug testing were enforced, the majority of competitors might withdraw from events like ADCC.

“I think it’s cheating, I think it’s unfair, that’s the way I think of it in every sport.”

Despite potential backlash, Ruotolo maintains a strong stance against PEDs, emphasizing the importance of integrity and natural skill in sports.

“My main goal from just being outspoken on it is just to have like the next generations to cut it from 98% of people doing steroids to maybe hopefully the next generation could kind of follow suit and maybe there’s a day where there’s 50/50.”

Transition to MMA

Beyond jiu-jitsu, Ruotolo is making strides in MMA, with a debut that reflects his passion for comprehensive martial arts. He expressed a deep appreciation for the complexities of MMA, noting that it allows him to utilize his skills in a less restrictive environment compared to jiu-jitsu. His move to MMA is driven by a love for the sport and a desire to challenge himself in new ways, showcasing his commitment to evolving as a martial artist.

Family Influence and Martial Arts Philosophy

Ruotolo credits his family, especially his twin brother Tai, as a significant influence on his martial arts journey. The brothers’ shared experiences and mutual support have been pivotal in their development as athletes. Kade’s approach to training, which focuses on adaptability and real-time problem-solving rather than repetitive drilling, also reflects a deeper philosophy of martial arts that emphasizes understanding over rote execution.

Looking Ahead

As Ruotolo continues to navigate his career in both jiu-jitsu and MMA, he remains a fascinating figure for fans and practitioners alike. His insights into the challenges of competitive martial arts, combined with his commitment to promoting a clean sport, resonate with a broad audience. With several high-profile matches on the horizon, including a notable MMA fight and another potential standout performance at ADCC, Ruotolo is poised to further influence the world of martial arts.