‘Judo’ Gene LeBell retires from MMA judging following Liddell vs. Ortiz 3

‘Judo’ Gene LeBell retires from MMA judging following Liddell vs. Ortiz 3

‘Judo’ Gene LeBell has been a legend of the sport longtime. The 86 year old Gene is a judo & bjj black belt.

He decided to end his time as a professional MMA judge following Saturday’s inaugural Golden Boy MMA event. In the recent year he was most notably coaching Ronda Rousey.

Back in the day Gene famously said he wanted Ronda to retire on top. In addition to predicting her WWE future.

 “She could become one and she would be very good, but why? Because she wouldn’t go on the road, and drive from one town to the next to make things. She might do a spot-show once in a while, but it’s better to do movies. ‘Cause in movies, if they play it again, even if you have a small part – like you talk about Rocky. I get residuals. I must have gotten thousands of dollars in residuals from that, and in dollars, American dollars. And once you do wrestling, that’s it. Plus I got life time insurance, which is very important and for me and my family, and that’s a good thing.”


The main event at the Ortiz Liddell 3 card was officiated by Herb Dean who gave Lebell quite a send off:




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Last was a very special night for all of us that worked @oscardelahoya @goldenboyboxing MMA event. Not for it being an amazing night, it had more of a meaning. Last night was the man, the myth, the legend, Sensei Judo Gene LeBell’s last event working with our @_csac crew. Judo Gene is not only an icon and a true living legend, he’s a great friend, mentor, meanest, loving and one of the most giving individuals you’ll ever meet. He’s a man that has truly been there, done that and NEVER bragged about it. His beautiful wife Midge and Uncle Gene have always been there for all of us and greeted us with a smile and warm hug. Thank you for your body of work and most importantly thank you for your friendship. There will only be one Judo Gene LeBell. #genelebell #judogenelebell #judogene #judo

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As for the night itself there were perhaps more glorious opportunities for LeBell to retire as Ortiz vs Liddell was a bit of a testament as to why old men should not be competing in mma on the big scene.



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