Judo Debs aka Vintage Self Defense Footage from 1956

Judo Debs aka Vintage Self Defense Footage from 1956



The self defense has long been one of the aspects of society. As the World War 2 passed and more and more women were forced to fence for themselves came a need to understand physicality and how to overcome size difference.

The Positive and Negative aspects of BJJ FOR Judo

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This is exactly what happens in the clip below:

 M/S of two men coming down some stairs into a gym in London. Both the men have big quiffs – teddy boys! They pull on Judo jackets as they come into the room. A woman – Joy Urwick stands in the middle of the room touching her toes. One of the men approaches her and she throws him over her shoulder. The school is run by Joe and Doug Robinson and there is a class for models and debutantes. Two glamorous women watch; one of them is Barbara Christie.

The display continues with Joe approaching Joy as if to embrace or kiss her – she chucks him around. At one point he lies on the ground thumping the floor to ask for surrender. After another throw he lies on the ground shaking his head as if she has knocked him out. C/U of Joy looking down and smiling at him.

M/S of a super glamorous girl – a Jayne Mansfield type wearing a great red and white striped T-shirt lifting weights – her name is Shirley Kemp. She counts her lifts in a very exaggerated fashion then drops the weights looking very tired.

She accompanies Doug Robinson into the Judo room and when he pretends to try and embrace or kiss her she slams him on the ground. Brilliant! Narrator explains the system of coloured belts in Judo. C/U of Doug looking distressed after Shirley has thrown him to the ground. C/U of her looking down at him – serious make-up! C/U of Doug hitting the ground in surrender. Narrator says: “Still, for all that girls, don’t get too big for your boots. Any thing you can do, a man can do better” says the narrator as Doug throws Shirley over and she overacts being incredibly shocked. Fantastic!


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