JT Torres Shows An Amazing Monoplata From Triangle Choke Setup

JT Torres Shows An Amazing Monoplata From Triangle Choke Setup

The omoplata, which means scapula in Portuguese, is a highly effective Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ submission). Also called the ashi sankaku garami (leg triangle entanglement) in judo and the coil lock in catch wrestling, the omoplata is a technique in which the attacking student’s legs and hips are used to extend an opponent’s shoulder joint past its normal range of motion. The lock applied to the shoulder is similar to the Kimura lock, but the legs are used in place of the figure-four grip. The omoplata, thought to have originated in either judo or catch wrestling, became popular in BJJ in the 1990s due to its successful use by Nino Schembri.

How about using the mechanics of the omoplata and applying it from closed guard?

There are a lot of submission techniques in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and there’s no way you’ll be able to learn them all from every single setup. However, some submissions go a long way from extremely specific situations.

You still don’t know how to Monoplata people? That’s a shame… Because it’s a really cool and super effective submission technique!

Can’t quite finish the Triangle Choke because of the opponent’s defense?
Well, you could go for a Monoplata!

Here’s a cool Monoplata setup from a Triangle Choke. JT Torres demonstrates:

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