Josh Hinger: ‘It’s a Mistake to Defensively Ball Up, Trying To Avoid Getting Submitted’

Josh Hinger: ‘It’s a Mistake to Defensively Ball Up, Trying To Avoid Getting Submitted’

Let’s say you’ve passed your opponent’s guard, ended up in Side Control and that you’re trying to find a way to finish them from there…

However, they’re too defensive – their elbows are tight to their body and they’re not trying to escape, leaving you with no openings to set up your submissions! What should you do from there?

Well, if they’re just laying there all balled up, just not wanting to get tapped, then they aren’t improving.

For those kinds of instances, there are many solutions:

Opponent Too Defensive? Use The Knee On Belly Pressure & Have Some Fun

3x IBJJF world No Gi champion Josh Hinger gave some advice on his IG to those that have this mentality of playing ultra defensive. For Hinger, it’s a waste of time for everybody:

“Here’s some training advice to take into 2021.

No matter how badly someone is beating your a#s. No matter how many times they pick you up and drop you on your head, and smash though your guard. No matter how many psi they use to drive their knee through your sternum. No matter how many ways they force your face into their sweaty a*s. Just remember this: it’s a mistake to defensively ball up and focus only on denying them the submission.

F*ck that, and f*ck them. You need to defend and counter attack.

They might be technically better than you.

But you have to show them that not only are you not dead, but you refuse to give up the fight. You. Do. Not. Concede.

That is an excellent quality to have. I respect the hell out of those young competitor blue belts who take massive amount of punishment, but they just keep coming. I respect that.”