Josh Hinger: “Appreciate Yourself For The Progress You’ve Made”

Josh Hinger: “Appreciate Yourself For The Progress You’ve Made”

It’s easy to beat yourself up after a bad training session. And it gets even easier when that one session turns into several of them; into a negative streak that sometimes lasts for weeks, even months at a time. It makes you think that you’re the worst student in the class and that you’ll never become good at this Jiu-Jitsu thing.
If you’re feeling like that in this very moment, then take some advice from Josh Hinger:

It’s very common for me to hear people talk about how they feel they are the worst student in the class. They think they are the most uncoordinated, the heaviest, or that they have the worst conditioning.

The thing is, I guarantee more than half the class feels the same way. People have a strong tendency to beat themselves up over anything and everything. The mind is a slippery slope that is slanted at a negative angle to drag you to the dark side.
The only way to get out of the darkness is to work your ass off and claw your way up the slope towards the positive end.

You have to work hard, but at the same time you must appreciate yourself for all the progress you’ve made so far. Here’s more of what Josh Hinger has to say about the topic:

Everyone in the training room is struggling with something. No one is the worst, and no one is the best. We are all on a journey with no finish line. There is no leader. You might struggle with your cardio, but someone else is struggling with strength and power while someone else is struggling with general coordination.
Some people are struggling with external life problems that distract them from training, and someone else with physical limitations due to injury. And someone else with social anxiety. Or maybe diet and nutrition issues. Everyone is struggling with something.

Don’t waste your energy beating yourself up. Appreciate yourself for the progress you’ve made. Take a moment and look to the past and admire how far you’ve come.
If you make a mistake and slide back to the bottom of the slide, get back on it and you’ll notice how much easier it is to climb the 3rd, 4th, or 15th time.


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