Josh Barnett Interested In More Grappling, Reveals How He Subbed Dean Lister After 17 Years

Josh Barnett Interested In More Grappling, Reveals How He Subbed Dean Lister After 17 Years



Josh Barnett has recently appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience and revealed that while his MMA days might be nearing to a close he’s seriously considering doing more grappling.

Barnett, 39, was the first man to tap out Dean Lister back at Metamoris in 17 years. And he’s just revealed just how he figured out the Boogeyman:

“Here’s the thing. I’d seen that the last time he’d been subbed was that.”

Barnett continued: “I already knew that so I’m like well I’m gonna put this in my backpocket if I need it later on in the match. And after I’ve been riding him and grinding on him and beating on him … Once he’s huffing and puffing I can get it. It’s gonna be real hard for him to stop this. And sure enough I look up and see sh*t I don’t have a lot of time left. Boom. Hit it. Go. And it worked. ”

Joe Rogan prompted: “And then Ryron Gracie was a big feather in your cap too because Ryron is one of the most respected young brazilian jiu jitsu black belt guys out there. Like he’s super respected and he’s defensively really tough… “

Ryron Gracie stepped up to help his brother Ralek Gracie just a couple days prior to Metamoris event and grapple Barnett. Many grapplers weren’t interested too step in and face Barnett after Roberto Cyborg Abreu got injured.

They also talk a bjj origin story and how it is the Gracie’s met Mitsuyo Maeda:

“This is how Mitsuyo Maeda ended up in Brazil doing professional catch wrestling matches. And then ended up staying and teaching judo and jiu-jitsu and catch wrestling to the Gracies. “

Barnett also shared how he doesn’t really get people trying to pick fights with him – but there was this one time he was close to it:

“I was with this girl, that was standing with me (at a concert). Cause people kept trying to cut through – it was at Anthrax and they wanted to get .. And I’m like f*** this, why are people trying to walk between us. Jesus. Just go around. So eventually, I’m like not letting anybody by so I have my elbows out. And people bump into it and then they go around. This guy, he just kept going, tapping like man.. f*** you dude.. I’m standing here with a girl, go away. ”

Barnett continued:

“So the guy comes around and he goes around us then he looks at me and he’s like (grumbly voice) Hey man I was looking to get through. Look I’m here standing here with this girl, just go around. ”

And he’s getting pissed about it because I’m dismissing him. Just walk away. Now that gets his hackles up. He’s all mad he’s looking at me like you this and that and I start laughing. And I’m like You wanna scrap because you can’t get through here, is that it. Is this what you want to do?


And he’s like Whaa and I’m like move on (waves hand). F*cking chest out even bigger and he looks like he’s gonna walk away and like whatever. Do your own thing and he’s like more worked up until he points his finger out and I’m laughing at him and the girl – who does jiu-jitsu and was a fighter. She reaches out  and grabs the hold of this guys wrist and pulls his hand down and she’s like: “You don’t wanna do that. ” and he looks at her than he looks at me and I’m just smiling and he pulls his hand back. I go I know what must’ve gone through his head like This girl’s grip is just serious and she’s telling me don’t f*cking do it – it’s probably a good idea not to f*cking do this “


To listen to Barnett talk all this and more press play below