Jose Aldo Considering A Return To The BJJ Scene

Jose Aldo Considering A Return To The BJJ Scene



Featherweight interim UFC champion Jose Aldo hasn’t been able to resolve his dispute with the UFC. The long time champion was eager to regain his title but McGregor was much more fond of entering another title shop with a champion belt by his side.

Indeed being a champion in the UFC provides a better status when negotiating and other benefits. But Aldo is a bit over that entire scene following the treatment he’s gotten.

He shared with the Brazilian cable channel SporTv:

“I came from BJJ. If I can be living that again tomorrow, competing, day to day, to me it will be good. But I’ll take one step at a time. First I’ll sit down with them and make a decision.”

Aldo also posted this grappling clip in the past couple of days:



But after the meeting took place in the UFC headquarters Aldo gave an interview to ESPN. Here’s what he said:



For the population not fluent in Portuguese:

“It was a good conversation. We came here knowing what we were coming to. We knew what to expect. It went exactly as expected.”

Aldo was also asked if he believes he will fight for the UFC again. He replied:

“At this moment nobody knows. I don’t know. I came here from Brazil with my ideas already firmly fixed in my head. My current intention is to no longer fight. That hasn’t changed. That is how I felt when I left Brazil and that is how I feel here today. But like I said with the future, nobody knows. I think we had a good first conversation today. I think there is probably a few more conversations that will have to happen down the road. But we will see.”

This is what Aldo wrote 5 hours ago:


Roughly translated to :  Rethinking retirement of MMA, I spoke with my family and seeing the requests from my Fans good things will come to you. Thanks Russia