Jones Jones Victory Puts an End to ‘Drake Curse’ as Rapper Earns $1.7 Million

Jones Jones Victory Puts an End to ‘Drake Curse’ as Rapper Earns $1.7 Million

Jon Jones is back – and in the most spectacular fashion there is!
He submitted Ciryl Gane in the very first round, with a Guillotine Choke. And he made it look easy.

Jones put on the pressure from the get-go; and, the first time that Gane went for a strike, he took him down.
Gane worked his back to the fence, in an attempt to wall walk out of the situation. However, he left his head open – so Jones locked in a Guillotine Choke, getting the tap and the UFC 285 main event win.

Jones had to make the transition to the heavyweight division after being a dominant light heavyweight fighter for a long time.
And even though it seemed like his transition was effortless because of his performance against Gane, the process itself was quite a challenging one:

At first, I thought it’d be really easy. I thought I could do it in a few months.

And as I got more into it, as I got more into the culture, I realized that if I wanted to do it right, I would have to really commit my life to it.
It would have to become something that I did almost every day.

This is the end of the infamous “Drake Curse’ where the Canadian rappers bets on fighters always went the opposite way. In this instance, Drake won 1,7 million $ betting on a Jon Jones Victory.