Jon Jones Shoves Gustafsson at the Face Offs

Jon Jones Shoves Gustafsson at the Face Offs

One of the most intimidating fighters of all time is getting ready for his comeback. Jon Jones had his first staredown with Alexander Gustafsson – and something went awry.

Jones subsequently explained what went down:


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And as for DC:

“I would fight DC at heavyweight, but I feel like I have nothing to prove,” Jones said. “I’ve beaten him twice, and I feel like fighting him at heavyweight is putting all the cards in his favor. I have nothing to prove against Daniel Cormier. I always say that a lot of this fighting is not personal to me. My goal is to be great, it’s not about individual rivals. So me challenging Daniel Cormier would be making it a personal thing.”

Jones finished by attempting to portray his disinterest in another Cormier fight as an act of mercy.

“If he had beat me, then I could see me challenging him, but I’ve done enough to that guy,” Jones said. “I’m going to let him breathe easily and enjoy some of his stuff.”

“Defend the belt that was never his?” Jones asked at Friday’s UFC 232 press conference in New York. “I don’t understand how that works.”

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