John Danaher’s Next Mission Is To Fix Deficiencies in Takedowns in BJJ

John Danaher’s Next Mission Is To Fix Deficiencies in Takedowns in BJJ

When you train BJJ where most of the focus is on the ground, you won’t always have time to train Judo or Wrestling as much as you’d like. It’s about making a choice: do you want to be a fantastic ground grappler with decent takedowns or do you want to have to have a good ground game and good takedowns?

There is only so much time in the day to learn and drill techniques. Our advice is to focus on learning 5-6 takedowns which you will constantly drill and include in your game. The rest of your time should be spent on bettering your ground game

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is growing at an amazing rate worldwide. More people are training in all corners of the world. BJJ is evolving.

The direction that sport BJJ is going is worrying many. Nowadays modern Ju-Jitsu is guard centric and most competitors don’t even bother with takedowns. They just pull guard and aim to sweep from the guard or worse work for advantages. BJJ has become more of a game than a combat system.

ADCC and world champion Robert Drysdale joins a growing movement in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners who are frustrated by the current state of our sport. He posted this on his instagram calling for people to work more on takedowns and being less guard oriented:


Takedowns my friends… Please learn them. And stop this non-sense that jiujitsu is a ground art. We begin on our feet, stop being so lazy. The purpose of the guard is to continue to fight in case you make the mistake of being taken down… Lets keep the martial art aspect of jiu-jitsu alive. #keepitreal #notplayful aprendam a derrubar meus amigos. A guarda é para defesa no caso do erro de ter sido derrubado. Vamos manter o lado arte marcial do #jiujitsu vivo! #bjj


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The art of buttscooting:

John Danaher describing what he believes will be the next big evolution in BJJ. It’s very own unique approach to standing position and how his next mission is to develop and improve the stand up game for BJJ:

Let’s face it—BJJ players suck at takedowns. With our help, you will take them down faster, push the pace easier, and SCORE more!

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