John Danaher: “You Need To Establish A Daily Routine If You Want To Be Successful”

John Danaher: “You Need To Establish A Daily Routine If You Want To Be Successful”

If you want to be successful at something, you’ve got to build the skills that are going to distinguish you from everyone else. And the best way to build those skills is through establishing a daily routine.
John Danaher explained why that’s the case in a recent Instagram post, using Nicholas Meregali as a prime example:

Nicholas Meregali and the power of routine: The great Brazilian champion Nicholas Meregali has been training with us this week. In one of our first conversations he said something important that be be of great value to you. Having just arrived in Austin I asked him how things were going and whether he was well situated for training.
He replied that everything was fine, he had an AirBnB and car and that now all he needed was to find a supermarket and ESTABLISH A DAILY TRAINING ROUTINE. That was his first concern – to establish a ROUTINE.

This is the great characteristic I see in all champions. Human greatness is based on developing SKILLS and skills can only be developed by following a training regimen over time. That is, to establish and follow a ROUTINE.

He went on to elaborate why it’s important that your routine is in line with your passion:

A life of routine is often disparaged as a poor way to live life. I agree that a life of routine is terrible if you are stuck in a routine that is totally divorced from your life passions. If you have a routine job that you hate, surrounded by people you can’t stand, in a location you despise… Then yes – a life of routine would be awful.

However, if you have a deep passion in your life, then devoting yourself to a routine aligned with that passion, a routine that every day brings you a little closer to a cherished goal; then this is one of the best life directions you can ever have.
So find that passion and build a routine around it; let the power of daily routine build skills over time, skills that one day, when fate puts opportunity in front of you, will let you shine


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