John Danaher: “You Need Time To Manifest Improvement”

John Danaher: “You Need Time To Manifest Improvement”

The 2023 is upon us – and so is everyone’s New Year’s resolutions, one bigger than the other.
But how are you supposed to achieve these goals? One thing is for certain: by combining hard work and patience.

And, well, those two aspects are exactly what John Danaher wishes for you:

Keep working hard, constantly monitor your progress so that you can continue and improve in the areas that are creating progress and remove the elements that aren’t.

Understand always that patience is a true virtue and that no matter how hard you try, you need time to manifest improvement.
Have faith that consistent improvement and time create a union that will take you further than anyone thought possible.


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And yes, you will have to put in a substantial amount of effort. For instance, one of the reasons why John Danaher is such a great coach today is because he invested 12-14 hours into the craft every day:

I was known for spending large amounts of time on the mats. I taught two to three big group classes per day and was booked every hour between them for private classes.

And I liked this because I was a very late starter in Jiu-Jitsu – starting at twenty eight years old – so I felt that I needed to accrue many hours of mat time quickly, to match the hours people who started much earlier in life had already amassed.