John Danaher Shows an Unpredictable Collar Drag Takedown Set-Up

John Danaher Shows an Unpredictable Collar Drag Takedown Set-Up

If you struggle to get takedowns, and don’t have time to cross train in Judo or Wrestling, here is a really simple option which you should add to your takedown.

This takedown is so simple that any white belt could do it.

It’s not a real takedown. It’s more of a drag which leads to a takedown.

A few years ago, ADCC champion Yuri Simoes was able to surprise Judo Olympic silver medalist with this takedown and earn tow points for the takedown:

How To Do Yuri Simoes’ Collar Drag on Travis Stevens

In the exclusive excerpt below “Movement As a Distraction”, John Danaher looks to overcome one of the biggest issues that arises when we are trying to take our opponents down via one of his favorite takedowns for the BJJ athlete, the collar drag.

Once you understand the grips used, set up and execution of the throw, it is pretty simple to pull off if the timing is right.

Learn how to wrestle in the gi from one of BJJ’s most successful champions ever, Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida.
Buchecha explains his concepts around how to read his opponents and choosing which takedown is best, how he breaks stubborn grips, and how even much smaller fighters can still find success by focusing on these fundamentals.

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