John Danaher To Release Instructional Series with BJJ Fanatics

John Danaher To Release Instructional Series with BJJ Fanatics

John Danaher is a man of many talents, certainly the biggest coaching world class grappling (Garry Tonon, Gordon Ryan, Eddie Cummings, Travis Stevens etc..) and mma talent (Georges St-Pierre, Chris Weidman Tom DeBlass, etc..)

The Georges St Pierre grappling coach has his own Death squad – a group with which he shares his most insightful knowledge.

John Danaher Teaches A Leglock Entry & Gi Takedown Plus How Nicky Ryan Preps For Geo

Danaher has just announced some major news: He has started filming a new instructional series with the leading website BJJ Fanatics, who feature quality instructionals from Tom DeBlass, Craig Jones, Dean Lister, Bernardo Faria and many more….(Type in the code ‘BJJEE” and you will receive a 10% discount on your purchases).

Danaher has been known to be very secretive about his system but now has decided to share it with the world. He has already started filming and will feature his leg locks and back attack system.

He announced the news on his instagram.

“Teaching a wider audience – launching an instructional video series: For twenty years I have taught in the dojo of my sensei, Renzo Gracie. In that time I have had the honor of teaching packed classes and great athletes, but always I was limited to teaching whoever was in front of me. As a result I had a big influence on a small number of people. The most I could do was occasional touring seminars where I could reach a new audience for a few hours.

People have often asked me to come and teach but I am only one person and usually preoccupied with my students next bout. Things got worse when my body started failing and my ability to travel and teach was further diminished. My crippled leg has deteriorated to a point where I have to get a knee replacement on the same side as my hip replacement and there are serious doubts about my ability to demonstrate moves if I do this. I feel that my students have done an incredible job of showing my ideas to the world in the heat of top level competition. Many of you have requested teaching but my limitations as an individual with body issues have made that impossible.

My good friend, Bernardo Faria, World jiu jitsu Champion, encouraged me to reach a wider audience than the blue basement in NYC through video. I am happy to announce a soon to be released video production with Mr Faria and Micheal Zenga with BJJ Fanatics featuring my leg lock and back attack systems. If people find the material interesting, we can definitely go on to look at many other aspects of our approach to jiu jitsu, but Most Enquiries I received for instruction were leg locking and back attacks – so I started there.

Last weekend we went through a marathon filming session showing the complete ashi garami leg lock system – be warned – this thing is so long and complete it makes my instagram posts look short!! 😂😂 I wanted to show the core concepts, tactics, philosophy and techniques that you have all seen my students apply so brilliantly over the years. I wanted to thank Mr Faria and Mr Zenga for their encouragement and guidance on the project. I hope you will enjoy a look at the squad training methodology – more details soon!”

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