John Danaher Explains Why Observation Is Crucial During BJJ Training

John Danaher Explains Why Observation Is Crucial During BJJ Training

Almost every BJJ student, no matter who they are and what they usually do, would like to train more. They’d like to drill and roll more, much more frequently, but they can’t. They can’t, either because they have other obligations or/and because they don’t want to get injured.
That’s why practicing the art of observation during training is so incredibly important. John Danaher explains:

Observation: There is only so much hard physical training you can do in a day before you break yourself. If you want to increase your training time without adding to your physical load – TRAIN YOUR MIND THROUGH OBSERVATION.

You can train your mind for many hours a day with no danger of over training or injury. It is the perfect addition to your physical training and a fine replacement for physical training if you are injured or sick. Train yourself to watch matches and learn.
Most people watch only for entertainment. They watch to see who wins. This is unimportant. What is important is not WHO wins but HOW they won and lost.

He continues to emphasize why it’s so incredibly important to “watch for a purpose”:

Train yourself to look for THIS and you can double or triple your training time in a day by adding a non physical element. As the old saying goes – the hardest work is hard thinking. Thinking can’t be a substitute for hard physical work – but it is a very fine addition to it.
Don’t just watch – WATCH FOR A PURPOSE – learn to see why some win and some lose and take those mental lessons to your next physical training session – you’ll be surprised how much they can add to your progress.


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