Joe Rogan: UFC screwed up by not making UFC 209 a Diaz brothers Edition

Joe Rogan: UFC screwed up by not making UFC 209 a Diaz brothers Edition



UFC 209 is fast approaching and it’s quite the card. In addition to the rematch for the Welterweight title between Stephen Wonderboy Thompson and Tyron Woodley it also has the interim title fight between Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson. 

However TV personality, UFC commentator and comedian Joe Rogan doesn’t think UFC 209 has the right ingredients – it’s missing the main 209 zip code residents Nick and Nate Diaz.


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The two hardcore 209ers won’t be getting a chance to rep their Stockton upbringing at UFC 209.

“They had one opportunity ever in the history of the UFC to do it,” Rogan said in a recent Fight Companion podcast with UFC fighter Ian McCall. “Like, I planned episode 911 [of the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast] to be Alex Jones. They should have planned episode 209 to be in Stockton with Nick and Nate Diaz. I guarantee to you, that s**t would have gotten two million pay per view buys.”

However the UFC has been largely unsuccessful in booking either Diaz brother lately. The Diaz brothers are currently very wanted, Nick Diaz is finally cleared to fight following suspension for marijuana and Nate has been on a break enjoying the starpower he’s gotten from his infamous fight duology against McGregor.

Still Nick Diaz might be going up against Georges St. Pierre pretty soon as Rush’s coach Freddie Roach hinted the fight between the two is in the works.

Earlier this week, ‘GSP’s’ boxing coach, the legendary Freddie Roach, discussed the 35-year-old’s return to the Octagon during an appearance on The MMA Hour and hinted that a second bout with Diaz could be in the offing.

“I get a phone call and (St-Pierre) wanted me to go up to Montreal and train with him,” Roach told Ariel Helwani.

“We had some great training sessions. He wasn’t, like, near shot, or near all done.

“You know, we just made sure that he was 100% to get ready for the … for a remat(ch) … for another fight.”

The rematch bit is a pretty strong hint it may just be GSP vs Diaz time pretty soon.