Joe Rogan On Trans Issues: I don’t Mind Until It becomes A Sports Competition Between Genders

Joe Rogan On Trans Issues: I don’t Mind Until It becomes A Sports Competition Between Genders



Joe Rogan is one of the most vocal advocates of bjj in the world. In addition to this he’s of course many other things including UFC commentator, comedian, actor and youtube personality. Rogan is often hosting talks on a variety of controversial issues in the society including various issues relating to Transgender people.

And Rogan, in spite of often giving a platform to very conservative personalities is quite liberal. In fact he doesn’t really have an issue with transgender rights until we put sport in the equation and it develops into a situation where a Man is fighting Women – whether it be MMA or Wrestling or any other sport competition.

Here’s what Rogan said on the matter:

“I didn’t have a dog in this fight. I was completely open and liberal about it until there was a case where a man who had been a man for 30 years became a woman for a little less than 2 years and then started MMA fighting women. Beating the f*** out of these women and not proclaiming that he or she used to be a man because what in quotes ” it was a medical condition that I did not need to disclose” .”

Rogan continued:

“That’s not a f***ing medical condition. If you ever watch the fights she wasn’t winning because she was skillfull she was f***ing manhandling these women. And it was ugly. It was horrible. “

Of course he’s talking about Fallon Fox.

Back in February Rogan was bewildered by the case of transgender boy Mack Beggs who had won a State Girls wrestling title. At the time Rogan wrote:

“People lose minds about anything gender related, but this is a biological female taking st*roids competing against girls.

I feel for this person and I understand the state won’t let her transitioning to him compete against boys but this is f*cked for the girls.

To tolerate a biological girl taking t*stosterone and competing against girls who aren’t is completely insane.

Wrestling is a combat sport and taking t*stosterone competing against girls who aren’t taking it is completely unfair and dangerous.

For the record I think it’s absolutely fair for this girl transitioning to a boy to wrestle boys as there’s no unfair advantage there.”

However the science also suggested that after a man transitioning starts taking estrogen his bones actually get more dense.