Joe Rogan Talks Up Vitor Belfort Transformation – Back To Superjacked

Joe Rogan Talks Up Vitor Belfort Transformation – Back To Superjacked

In jiu jitsu a jacked look is nothing new. For years and years we’ve been seeing veterans such as Pablo Popovitch, Galvao, Barral and many more.

However when someone who has been looking rather bleak for a long time re emerges from the USADA tyranny in the UFC you can’t help but look.

Back when Belfort made his debut in the UFC he looked like this:

However from there things took a turn for the extra jacked:

And ultimately went south:

So naturally UFC commentator, comedian and bjj super fan had his interest peaked. Here’s what Joe Rogan had to say about Belfort’s resurgence:


Looks amazing. There’s something that happens to Vitor when he fills out.. He’s a different human man. He’s doing straight t*stosterone he’s not .. Think about this: we know for sure that people have cheated and taken ster*ids and got away with it. We know that. I know that – especially in fighting. Especially when the weigh ins were the only day you had to pee. There was no randoms. We know for a fact. When you watch someone who is just doing  t*stosterone and what else he’s doing human growth hormone. (chuckles) He’s f*cking gigantic now. What you get there is a different thing. For Vitor, something happened when they allowed him to take it – during the Rockhold fight, Bisping fight. His body ate it up. That’s a – kind of a different thing. Because, it’s above board.

Vitor Belfort was one of the fighters that was allowed TRT legally in the UFC.


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