Joe Rogan Grills USADA Chief on Jon Jones – and Lance Armstrong Gets a Word In

Joe Rogan Grills USADA Chief on Jon Jones – and Lance Armstrong Gets a Word In

USADA’s Jeff Novitzky made his career by ruining the career of Lance Armstrong. The so called golden snitch made his career doing forensic bloodwork. This is how he found himself governing the body of USADA – the organization that’s been running doping tests for the UFC for the last several years.

And if you’re wondering if the partnership is working it might strike you to learn that UFC and USADA are even increasing the amount of testing in the coming year from 30% to 40%.

“I think it was December 6th, [USADA] sent a letter to us and they sent a letter to the Nevada state athletic commission saying, ‘Just you’re aware, over the last six months, early in this six months we’ve seen a reemergence of this long-term in Jon’s samples.’” Novitzky explained Thursday on The Joe Rogan Experience.

“USADA didn’t need to notify them. They thought, out of an abundance of caution, let’s let Nevada know that this issue exists.

“That’s all good, Nevada gets this. I talk with them, they’re like, ‘Whoa, this is concerning, but we don’t see anything in our jurisdiction here, so I certainly hope that no subsequent tests show up positive because that could be an issue.’ And sure enough, USADA collects a sample from Jon on 12/9, they expedited the results because they knew a fight was coming up and they do that now when fights are close or the collections are done close to a fight, and here he pulses back up to between 60 and 80 picograms.

“There’s some misconception out there,” Novitzky continued. “[The NAC] did not say this fight is absolutely not happening next week. In fact, they, I think, were understanding of these issues but said, ‘Look, optically, this doesn’t look great, and we feel that, out of an abundance of caution, that we need to have a public hearing and be very transparent about this, because this is some weird shit.’”


The interesting bit is that Frank Mir got a big suspension for the same result.

In a post on his Facebook account this week, former UFC heavyweight fighter Frank Mir addressed the current situation involving Jon Jones’ drug test results with USADA. You can read his complete thoughts on the matter below.

In April 2016, Frank Mir failed a drug test for dehydrochloromethyltestosterone (DHCMT) by the US Anti-Doping Agency. He was eventually handed down a two-year suspension for the test. Mir has always proclaimed his instance and denied any wrongdoing. Granted, many athletes who were caught cheating or failed drug tests have done the same.

In his Facebook post, Mir accused USADA of possibly giving Jon Jones “special dispensation” or “revising” presentation of their own science.

As for Lance Armstrong:

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