Joe Rogan Explains His TRT, Growth Hormone & Vitamin Fueled Lifestyle

Joe Rogan Explains His TRT, Growth Hormone & Vitamin Fueled Lifestyle

The UFC commentator, BJJ black belt, comedian and podcast host has never hidden the fact that he uses TRT (Testosterone replacement therapy), and HGH (Human growth hormone).

For Rogan he takes it to fight the ageing process. He combines his TRT with a healthy diet and vitamins.

Rogan was featured in a recent article by Rolling Stone where he talked about his testosterone, and HGH fuelled lifestyle:


He shoots himself up with testosterone on a weekly basis — “It’s what fighters get in trouble for, but, obviously, I’m not competing. I just like the idea that I’m cheating old age and death, although, you know, you can’t cheat it forever”— as well as human growth hormone. If he’s dragging a little, he’ll pop a Nuvigil, a variant of the focus-improving drug that fighter pilots use.

Most mornings, he preps for the day with a Vitamixed, sludgy blend of kale, spinach, celery, “a large hunk of ginger about the size of a child’s thumb,” four cloves of garlic, an apple and some coconut oil. Tastes like crud. “But after your body digests it,” he says, “you’re like, ‘Whoa, we’ve got a lot of stuff to work with here.


On his podcast in 2011, details how he takes the testosterone in a cream form:

I took a lot of different stuff,” Rogan said. “Now, I take human growth hormone and testosterone. I go for hormone replacement therapy. I don’t need more [testosterone]. It’s a very light dose. The testosterone is cream. It’s healthy. It does wonders for your body.

As of 2014, Joe Rogan takes injections of testosterone on a weekly basis.

Rolling Stone asked Rogan to take us through a typical day in his life – and, not surprisingly, he worked overtime, filming everything over the course of several very busy days that took him from the gym to the sensory deprivation tank to Las Vegas and back:

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