Joe Rogan Recognizes a Good Jiu Jitsu Gym By The Number Of Nerdy People There

Joe Rogan Recognizes a Good Jiu Jitsu Gym By The Number Of Nerdy People There

Over the years Joe Rogan has perhaps been the best ambassador jiu jitsu could’ve hoped for. The comedian and Jean Jacques Machado black belt is famous for his affection for all things physical and especially jiu-jitsu.

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Recently he had a prominent psychologist guest in Jordan Peterson. During the hour Rogan made an interesting parallel to bjj:

Peterson: One definition of a winner is someone who never let losing stop him. The idea that a single loss in competition is somehow a defeat is insane…

To which Rogan replied:

That’s the same thing to when you get tapped out in jiu-jitsu class. Same feeling when you lose in a martial arts tournament. Losing is important.

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a little earlier he said:

Jiu-jitsu is so complex and there’s so many possibilities so it attracts a lot of really smart people. If you think of jiu jitsu you think of brutish individuals engaging in this hard martial art but if you go to a real good martial art school you see nerds. You see like a bunch of really smart kids that really get obsessed with the possibility of this physical language. Physical language that teaches you the results of not working hard enough, of not being prepared, of not understanding positions of not doing due diligence and work. It’s an amazing scaffolding for developing your life.

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