Jocko Willink Talks About Jeff Glover: “He Just Does Insane Things”

Jocko Willink Talks About Jeff Glover: “He Just Does Insane Things”

When the word “creativity” appears in a Jiu-Jitsu conversation, the name that comes to mind first to many practitioners is Jeff Glover.

Glover is known for his unorthodox and playful style, which isn’t “just” great to watch – but it’s also super effective.
So, almost everyone who watches Glover’s matches has a great deal of fun. Including Jocko Willink.

Here’s what Jocko said to Joe Rogan about watching Jeff Glover compete:

I had Jeff Glover in my training… He’s small, he’s crazy flexible, he smokes a lot of weed (laughs). And he would, he would just do wild things.

I was actually at ADCC and I was with my son, he was something like nine or something. And we’re there, watching. And Jeff Glover is about to compete – this was before I was really friends with Jeff…

I said to my son: “Watch this guy that’s about to come out. He’s crazy.”

And, sure enough, Jeff Glover went out and put on a show:

And Glover comes out and he, just, like falls on his back, flips into inverted guard, and starts just like going insane. Just doing insane things.

And you know, the rest of the matches are just two guys playing patty-cakes to look for the takedown…

[And] Glover comes out, falls down, freaking just doing all kinds of wild stuff – and then submits the dude in 38 seconds.

Jocko’s son had a funny reaction to his dad’s comment, though:

And my soon looks at me and says: “I thought you meant, like, CRAZY.”


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