Joao Miyao’s Advanced Guard Passing Drills

Joao Miyao’s Advanced Guard Passing Drills

The Miyaos are known for their impassable guard but also for their elite level guard passing skills.

How did they get so good at passing guard? Of course they train all day long but they also spend countless hours drilling their passes.

Here is how they drill: they mix their standing and low passes interchangeably. This is a very smart strategy as when you attack your opponent from side to side and high to low, you will be very hard to stop.

The Miyaos change their angles and this forces their opponents to constantly defend. At the end, they will have an option to pass.

Many people will pass guard by using just one pass.

This may work against low level opponents but against a good guard player,  you need to chain your passes together just like you would with a triangle to armbar to omaplata from the guard.

Guard passing is one of the hardest parts of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. These BJJ drills will help provide a big boost to the gas tank when it’s time to roll.

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