Jiu Jitsu Teaches How to Fight Effectively (Without Learning How to Fight)

Jiu Jitsu Teaches How to Fight Effectively (Without Learning How to Fight)

written by Nick Chewy Albin

How do I balance training people for Self-Defense and for Sport Brazilian Jiu-jitsu?

This is the question that I received one of my students who is a newer White Belt.

He’s been training in our BJJ classes at our gym in Louisville, KY. And he’s wondering about the way we approach balancing the training.

In this video I talk about how Brazilian Jiujitsu, Wrestling, Judo and the other combat sports teach people how to fight without always explicitly doing so.

I share a story from my own experience from high school Wrestling where I learned a way of fighting without really knowing.

The main idea that I try to share in this is that Sport Jiu-jitsu and and Self-Defense aren’t so vastly different. The strategic element will remain very similar but the tactical way that we approach it will change.

The tactical change will come about as a means to deal with the strikes, bites, etc that can happen in a fight on the street.

If you have a strong opinion on this subject, I’d love to hear your feedback!

Comment down below and tell me what you think. If you negative criticism. Please be constructive so we can open up conversation.

Thanks for watching!


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