Jiu Jitsu Dad Who Became An Internet Hero Today Speaks Out

Jiu Jitsu Dad Who Became An Internet Hero Today Speaks Out


Kev Taylor, the man who heroically intervened earlier yesterday when a woman was threatened with a knife spoke out about his experience to Manchester Evening News  :


Kev Taylor is a blue belt member of SBG Manchester. He noticed at first a mother and daughter shouting at a man who then produced a knife and swung at them.

Kev then proceeded to leap over the car bonnet and tackle the man and subsequently pinned him Carlson Gracie style!

Taylor reportedly snapped the weapon in two and pinned him to the ground. The Police praised Kevin’s effort and quick actions.

Kevin was a former army medic out shopping with his own wife and kids when they ran into the scene.

Manchester evening news reports Kev and his wife are overwhelmed with the positive feedback they’ve gotten from people all around the globe :


“It has been overwhelming I didn’t expect to get this reaction. I have laughed it off.”

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said: “We arrested a man for possession of an offensive weapon.

“We got a call just before 4pm. We were called to reports of a man with a knife who tried to stab someone in the Morrison’s carpark.

“There were no reports of any injuries.”


Original Report:

Yesterday a good citizen helped save a woman from a stabbing at Morrisons Failsworth!

According to witness account of the man’s wife he saved a woman from a man who was about to stab her by jumping out of the car, hit him, snapped the knife and pinned him old school Carlson Gracie Style to the floor. Fantastic effort from Kev Taylor from SBG Manchester who saved 2 women and their kids today, in Morrison’s carpark, from a guy who was trying to stab them

According to the facebook posting his wife submitted to Manchester Evening news:

“Just wanted to give my amazing husband a shout out after he saved a woman today from being stabbed at morrisons failsworth man was about to stab a woman when before I knew it he’d jumped out the car hit him snapped the knife in his hand and had him pinned on the floor until the police arrived. Always my hero x”


Notable member of the bjj community Stephen Kesting was one of the first to sing the man some praises complimenting his Carlson Gracie style control of the attacker!

Victim’s fiance was also quite thankful that the man in the picture intervened!

Here’s an example of the knee on face control utilized in a bjj gym: