Jean Jaques Machado Issues Challenge – Atalla Responds: “I never Wanted your f**king Fake Belt”

Jean Jaques Machado Issues Challenge – Atalla Responds: “I never Wanted your f**king Fake Belt”



When a group of students promoted their coach to the rank of coral belt they didn’t really consider they would be stirring the pot majorly.

This instructor had been a student of Jean Jacques Machado who is himself a coral belt. Machado made a statement where he denounced what he called “taking short cuts in life” and “not respecting tradition”.

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Curious Case Of Students Promoting Their Coach To Red çand Black Coral Belt

Which then prompted a huge back and forth between Jean Jaques Machado and  Roberto Atalla, leader and founder of Rio Grappling Club , who is know for his straight talking. Some of the memorable exchanges?  Atalla was quoted saying:

“He got his black belt in 1989. So in 2011 he had 22 years of black belt, even if the criteria was 25 years back then, he would not qualify. Someone should teach maths to him and his brothers, all of them coral belts before due time.” And also added:

“Anyway, I believe his ego is more inflated than his brother’s Rigan belly (you can quote me on that if interested) as he thinks he touched the lives of million people. I have no words for that.”

Machado was quoted responding:

 Those who have achieved nothing, or contributed nothing are incapable of understanding the work and sacrifice of those who laid the foundation through their blood, sweat and tears. It is because of our work that you get to enjoy training or making a living in the art that we helped give to you.

In the end Machado Responded simply:

To which Atalla responded:


What do you make of lines being crossed?