Jean Jacques Machado on Rolling With Rickson Gracie: ‘It’s Like He’s Reading Your Mind’

Jean Jacques Machado on Rolling With Rickson Gracie: ‘It’s Like He’s Reading Your Mind’

Rickson Gracie is regarded by many BJJ practitioners as the greatest Jiu-Jitsu fighter of all time.

What made him so superior? What made him so special?

People who have spent time training with Rickson usually talk about his pressure and weight distribution. Dave Camarillo also famously said: “Training with Rickson is like trying to move a house.”

Jean Jacques Machado recently was a guest on Brazilian Podcast Resenha and he spoke about his years of experience training with Rickson Gracie. He was Rickson Gracie’s student from back in the days, from the time he trained under him in Brazil until when he moved to the USA in the 80’s.

Machado was promoted to coral belt by Rickson a few years back.

Machado would go on to say about Rickson:

‘After Training With Rickson Gracie, You Don’t Do Jiu-Jitsu, You Feel Jiu-Jitsu’.

More importantly, he talked about how what set Rickson apart was his amazing defense. He would figure out your game through his defense. He would also always start in an inferior position.

Machado said:

“It’s like he was reading your mind…”

Gustavo Gasperin translated what was said not only to help spread this valuable info about Rickson, but also to see if YOU can benefit from it and maybe improve YOUR game.

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