Jake Shields Explains The Animosity He Harbors Against AJ Agazarm

Jake Shields Explains The Animosity He Harbors Against AJ Agazarm



It’s no secret that AJ Agazarm always causes quite the fuss when he’s attached to something. One major event that falls into this category was the Slappening of Polaris 3 where Shields and Agazarm exchanged unparalleled levels of animosity and unsportsmanlike behavior toward each other. As the commentator announced:

“You’ve wanted bad blood, and now you’ve got it…”

the two tore into each other.

Of course Shields was in Garry Tonon’s corner recently when he squared off against AJ in a gi.


I’m my way to watch @garrytonon slap around little bitch boy @thefloridaboy @kimerakoffee @jeffreyschu

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And Jake Shields explains just why there’s so much bad blood between the two:

“He always starts mouthin’ off to me, like F*ck you… when he sees me. I think he’s used to being around jiu jitsu guys and he forgets that I actually fight so I gave him a leg kick checked him real quick but then Seth ran over and I was going to be bass so I said I apologized and said that they were for later.”

When prompted more about the leg kick he explained:

“After the match I went up to him to shake his hand even though I don’t like him and I was like hey it was a good match and he’s like f*ck you motherf**ckers. I started to walk off but he kept talking shit so I give a little small leg kick, nothing big.”

Shields elaborated: “It was pretty minor”





You can hear what else Shields had to say by pressing play below.