Jacare Guaranteed a Title Shot from the UFC if he defeats Hermansson – per his manager

Jacare Guaranteed a Title Shot from the UFC if he defeats Hermansson – per his manager

Jacare has been on the fence about the treatment he’s received from the UFC. The Brazilian has knocked out Chris Weidman however his bout with Yoel Romero fell apart.


At that point he claimed he’d be better off doing bjj and considered retirement:


Jacare famously exclaimed a jiu jitsu career would be more lucrative for him a while back:

Jacare stated:
“They take too much money from us and simply don’t give anything back. I left jiu-jitsu for MMA because those f—— never came to me asking if I needed anything. I was starving in Rio with a broken arm. My physical therapist was on the same street of IBJJF in Rio. I met them all the time and they never asked if I needed a glass of water. I always fought MMA for love, something I wanted to do. When I first saw the Jungle Fight, I knew I wanted to do that.”


“Oh, man, I’m motivated in fighting, that doesn’t demotivate me at all. I’m motivated by the challenge that my opponent brings. The belt is the consequence. I’m a believer in God, everybody knows that. When I’m choosing my fight, I put a knee on the ground and ask for God to choose a fight for me, and it’s happening.”

“I’m happy to be fighting. But I have no problem stopping fighting. I stopped competing in jiu-jitsu in 2005 when I was at the top of my career, and if I think it’s too much for me, that I’m full of it, I can stop fighting. That’s it. I can open my own gym, make as much money as I make fighting, and be happy. I have this dream of having my own gym, so I have no problem stopping fighting.”

“No, it doesn’t go through my mind to stop fighting, but if I get full of it, I can stop fighting. I can teach. I have this leverage. And I’m sure, I’ll have a lot of students. Do the math, 400 students training with me.”

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