Is It Still Possible to Win A Fight Without Striking?

Is It Still Possible to Win A Fight Without Striking?


Talk to most people about fighting and whether or not they know how to, and you’ll find that they talk about striking most often. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with striking when you’re defending yourself, but if you’re only going to train within the world of strikes, you are going to miss out on the complete picture of self-defense. Not only that, what good will your hands be if you break your fist? The average person throwing a punch doesn’t realize that throwing a closed fist at someone could very well shatter their hands. Adrenalin may flow and mask the pain, but when that is reduced, serious problems can ensue. Could you win fights without striking?

Dodging Bullets

The first thing that you should know is that you can in fact fight without striking. There are countless lessons to learn within the world of every discipline of fighting that will talk about dodging a punch. If you look through the video sharing sites online, you will even find martial arts teachers that talk about dodging arrows, and even bullets. It’s not recommended to go and try to dodge literal bullets, but the idea and concepts behind dodging is there on display. The last thing you want to do is injure yourself when in a fight, for whatever reason, which is why you will want to make sure that you have control over your body’s balance and movements. Discipline plays a role here, the more discipline you have over your body, the easier this notion of dodging punches will be and you can win a fight without it.




Throwing Weight 

If you’re not going to strike, what are you going to do? Well, most people training in martial arts will eventually learn how to use leverage, or throw weight. Judo is a good example of this because throws and wrestling are involved. Jiu Jitsu also lends itself well to this as well as Aikido, Karate and others. The purpose of throwing is not necessarily to hurt someone but to redirect energy. Think about a bully trying to punch you, they will most likely not have fluid motion, or the skill set that you have to in regards to harming you. When they throw a punch it will be wild and there will be a lot of motion to it, that’s where discipline and leverage comes into play. Upon their swing the kinetic energy can be used against them, and within minutes, you could control the situation. All without throwing a punch.

This takes time and practice to be comfortable with. Seek out a good teacher that will show you correct form, and training through proper instruction. You may not be ready to do this on day one, but if you stick with your training and you focus on fluid motions, you will eventually be able to defend yourself and others without striking anyone.

Standing United We Pack a Punch

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