Is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Too Expensive For You? Consider This First

Is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Too Expensive For You? Consider This First

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is so much more than just a martial art. It’s an opportunity not just to get fit and skillful, able to defend yourself; but it’s a fantastic door to life-long friendships, great mood before, during and after training, as well as to a great deal of mental clarity and personal accomplishments.

In more ways than one, BJJ is a dream come true for many people

However, Jiu Jitsu can also be quite expensive… So how do you begin training it if you can’t afford it?

Maybe you actually can’t afford NOT to train Jiu-Jitsu?

BJJ black belt Mike Calimbas, instructor and owner of Renzo Gracie lake Houston wrote this brilliant analysis:

Common question before even trying a class – How much is training?

Well let me ask you this..

1. How much is it worth for you to be in good enough shape to avoid long-term health issues?

2. How about being able to defend yourself or a loved one in case of emergency?

3. What about a confidence and sense of purpose that will positively impact the rest of your life?

4. …and the camaraderie you gain from being part of a team that will push you to be your best self?

Make no mistake about it, training may have a cost but to those of us who already live it, training is PRICELESS.
Join a legit BJJ school today. it just might change/save your life.