In BJJ, It’s Your Duty To Make Your Opponent Feel Uncomfortable

In BJJ, It’s Your Duty To Make Your Opponent Feel Uncomfortable

The priority in Jiu-Jitsu should not always be a sweep, a submission, a guard pass or a back take.
The priority in Jiu-Jitsu is to make your opponents uncomfortable. These other things such as sweeping, passing, taking the back, are the goals.

When you shake your opponent’s hand and start to roll, your duty is to make them feel uncomfortable.

Making them feel uncomfortable will make them always be one or two steps behind you. When your opponent is uncomfortable, they are thinking about making themselves more comfortable first before doing anything to you.

When we say uncomfortable, it doesn’t mean that you’re hurting your opponent or you’re being mean to your opponent. It means that you are and making them defend. In this situation, you are applying your game that came from your game plan and with the use of a specific grip, a pressure point or control, you are making your opponent just passive. Think about this next time you train make your opponent always feel uncomfortable.

Braulio Estima shares a powerful statement about how to make your opponent uncomfortable when rolling so that they give you something.


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