Improving Your Grappling Game Through Solo Drilling

Improving Your Grappling Game Through Solo Drilling

When we think about training and getting on the mat to put in some hours of work, we tend to think about being able to hit certain submissions and dominating our opponent.  While this plays a very large role into what we do as grapplers, it isn’t the end-all-be-all.

For instance, I have seen many young grapplers come through my academy and totally dominate.  Some have grappling backgrounds such as wrestling, others do not, but they seem to overwhelm their opponents.  Despite their fantastic skill, one thing is constant: they get stuck in certain positions and can’t get free.

As basic as it may seem, this is actually a very common issue for grapplers who are just starting out!  Once they get a taste of over-powering their opposition, it’s easy to overlook the little things such as defensive sweeps.

There are ways to cure this, and it calls for serious discipline and focus.  If you notice a young grappler that is neglecting to practice their sweeping techniques, then you should have them take a look at the video below to see how they can enhance their own sweep game on their own!

Focusing On The Minor Details

The thing with sweeps is that if you make one brief, small oversight, then it could all go south.  Sweeps are science; it isn’t about how strong you are or how quick you can do the move, it’s all about proper leverage and placement of your hands and feet.

One time I was rolling with someone much, much larger than me.  We were working on a specific sweep, and when he and I were pared up, there was no way I could match his strength!  However, when I threw that thought to the side and began focusing on placement and timing, I found myself tossing him around with the slightest of ease!

Using my momentum and timing, the specific sweep soon became easier and easier, and even with his hulking size compared to my rather modest presentation, it was as effective as they come!  Was it because I suddenly became this monster of a man?  No—despite what I like to think sometimes—it was because I began to focus on the small details.

When you slow it down and do some solo work, then you can truly begin to appreciate the subtle beauty in the sport.

Becoming A Well Rounded Grappler

If you have a lethal onslaught of submission abilities, then you aren’t a complete grappler.  The sport is so multi-faceted, and ever-evolving, that it’s almost impossible to become a truly “complete” competitor.

Working on your sweeps and putting in overtime on your own will make you as complete as you can be.  Once you have the proper foundation, it’s up to you to continue your growth as a grappler, and to hunt down that goal at all-costs. Through proper training and drilling we can make ourselves the best possible grappler we can be.

With that said I’ll wrap this up so you can go out and train right now!

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