Improvement In BJJ Has A Price… Are You Willing To Pay For It?

Improvement In BJJ Has A Price… Are You Willing To Pay For It?

So you want to become better in Jiu-Jitsu, right… But are you willing to pay the price for it?

No, not the price of training, sweat, and hard work. It’s obvious that you’re already more than willing to pay that one.
But, more than anything else, are you willing to pay the price of first becoming worse?

Yes, worse. Brian Glick explains further:

It takes time and effort to make something better. It’s also hazardous because trying to make things BETTER might actually make them WORSE.
With that hazard comes FEAR – if you’re the one who makes a change and things get worse, guess who’s responsible?

All of this is why many people won’t willingly try to improve unless there’s an urgent reason to do so.

To improve in BJJ, therefore, you’ve got to place yourself in situations that demand more of you. Plus, if you surround yourself with people who demand more of you as well – you’ve hit jackpot:

If you surround yourself with those who require more of you – or put yourself into those sorts of situations which demand more from you – you face the uncomfortable, difficult necessity to improve.

But difficult doesn’t mean HOPELESS. Part of your task is to understand how difficult and even fearful it can be to try to make things better, then to do it anyway.


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