Improve Your Knee Slice Pass by Controlling The Opponent’s Head

Improve Your Knee Slice Pass by Controlling The Opponent’s Head

The Knee Slice Pass is the bread and butter technique for many BJJ athletes. It works remarkably well with other passes and it offers you a chance to stay tight to your opponent while passing to Side Control. What more could you wish for?
However, the trouble with the Knee Slice Pass is that you need to gain an underhook for it to work properly. And your opponents know this; so they can make your job extremely difficult simply by keeping their elbows tucked in, negating you a chance to go underneath their shoulder.

Luckily, Jake Scovel has a simple solution that will get you a lot of looks on the mats… Just make sure not to use it (too harshly) against your training partners.



With your base stable (your posting leg stretched out and its foot in full contact with the floor), Scovel explains that you’ll scoop the opponent’s head. Use both of your palms and attach them to the back of the opponent’s head; pulling it in towards you.
From there, you’ll “walk out” towards them bit by bit. By doing so, your goal is to flatten them out – they won’t be on their side anymore, but their chest will be pointing towards the sky.

Once you achieve that, you can drop your far elbow into the opponent’s shoulder and armpit, pinning it down to the mats. Then, simply cup their near-side tricep and pass into Side Control.
Check out Jake Scovel’s demonstration below:

Develop Superior Grappling Control and Attack Through the Use Of Spinal Manipulation with Veteran BJJ Practitioner and Black Belt Jake Scovel.

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